Our Mission

To strive for perfection, never compromising on the quality of our ingredients or finished products. To that end, we source the highest quality ingredients from the best producers locally and worldwide, from the freshest locally grown fruits to World's premium chocolate couvertures. Combining this fantastic produce with traditional methods and cutting edge techniques allows us to produce a truly artisanal range of chocolates.

Our Pledge

  • Our pledge is to offer our customers the best they can get. To produce fresh and healthier chocolates.
  • Our quality control entails an attentive eye during each step of the entire process
  • The production team have to follow a lengthy and intense training period.
  • We limit the quantities produced each day to ensure superior quality and taste
  • We do not use any preservative or artificial flavouring

Our Methods

At sekoechocolates, we believe that the best ingredients make the best chocolates. For this reason, we use couvertures made from Ghana’s Cocoa and no artificial ingredients or preservatives. All our chocolates are handcrafted in true Artisan fashion using traditional techniques.